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Wat Khao Takiab, Temple near Hua Hin


There's a lot to do at this temple! My friend visited this temple when she was younger, now we're passing she suggests it and the beach below. It's a temple, full of fun things to do, and donations to make, and ways to pray. It's on a little mountain overlooking Hua Hin.

Khao means mountain, Wat means temple.


The first thing I notice is the monkeys, they fill the road to the car park, one hops on the car and starts playing with the wipers, I try to take a photograph, but there's something unappealing about a large ugly monkey anus on the windscreen. I decide that is a photograph I can skip, and over time, a memory that I hope to forget!


Inside then temple is an elephant weight. The way this works is simple: make a wish, and try to lift the elephant with one finger. For women, use the middle finger, for men, use the pinkie. If you can lift the elephant your wish will be granted. To make sure, wish again for the same thing, and try to pick it up a second time. If you can't pick it up the second time, it means you're wish is sure to be granted.

My wish for my little girl, will be granted.


Downstairs below the temple, I eat and icecream. The icecream seller guards the area with a catapult, he tells us to eat our icecreams here, or hide them till you get into your car. The monkeys can be vicious and they love icecreams and are prepared to fight for them.

Lottery ticket donations are here too, donate 100 baht and take a lottery ticket. A bit naughty perhaps, but I donate and take my winning number. I don't need the money, I'll be happy enough to get my wish come true.

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