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Wat Khao Yoi Cave


I'm heading south on the Pan-Asia highway, the main road that runs down the length of Thailand and into Malaysia. It sounds romantic when I call it the Pan Asian highway, but its just a rather long, boring two lane road. So on the way, I'm taking in sights to break the journey and Khao Yoi temple and the caves next to it, are one of my breaks for this trip!

There's really two parts to this cave. One is a small temple, with a reclining Buddha for worship and donation, the other a more natural cave that's far more effort, but has the potential for far more fun if you use your imagination a little!


I started with the temple cave, the antics of the monkeys outside are cuter than most, with tiny cute monkeys clambering all over the bells.

There's lots of chambers in this section, and each one has a Buddha statue of some sort in it. Sitting, reclining, you name it, if there is a chamber of the cave, they've put a statue in it.


But the real joy of this cave is the main caves. For this I'd take some drinking water, it's hot work clambering up and down caves.

For this, some children become my ad-hoc guides. A quick and easy way to make pocket money for them.


There's lot of traditions inside this cave, notice the piles of carefully balanced rocks, stacked one on top of the other. I'm not patient enough to make my own stack, so I add a small rock to one of the existing piles... careful, it might fall.

Twigs stacked against the rocks pretend to hold up the enormous rock face with the tiniest of branches. Another meme that's common to this cave.


But I want to start my own meme, and the beam of light gives me the chance. Stand in the beam of light, hold out your hands, and try to glow like an angel!

The kids lead me to a small ante-cave, filled with manikins and dolls. A woman tourist comes out in a panic, she's had an apparition it seems and is having a panic attack, shrieking and screaming. When its my turn inside this side cavern, I quickly realize it stinks in there, marsh gas or something rotting behind the rocks. It's not so much a religious experience as an unpleasant one, a lack of clean air a sense of claustrophobia and I want out of there too!

There's lots more to explore here, but I pay off my guides and head on, I have a long drive ahead.

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