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Wat Phut Thabat, Near Saraburi


I'm heading North East to spend Songkran in Isaan, Bang Sean has a good Songkran, Phuket has a good one day only Songkran at Saphan Hin in Phuket town, but nothing compares to the party atmosphere in Isaan.

Along the way I'm visiting sights to break up the journey and an accidental wrong turn took me past this temple.


It's just there, up on the hill begging to be visited! Naturally I hear the call, and up I head. At the top, I can see I'm not the only one, many people are here and many more monkeys. Monkeys hills and temples, they seem to go together wherever I go in Thailand.


A walkway through the rocks leads up to the temple, and a second white building. I'll explore that later, but for the moment I visit the temple. The golden balls, that normally rest inside wells built into the ground, are visible here. Sadly this means they've lost their gold leaf, I've adding in the yellow to the photograph (top), to give you an idea of what this temple must have looked like just after consecration. Sadly its a fake photo, the balls are just stone now.


I buy a Buddha token, a memory from the temple. I often think these are like gold coins in video games, you run around collecting as many as you can before you lose your life! I am always a little disappointed, then when I collect a new one, it doesn't make a ka-chink sound! Life's sound effects are not as good as Nintendo sound effects.


Up here the monkeys laze around enjoying the view. They don't work hard, they don't commute to work, they don't even write their own blogs! I'm not sure if we're the dominant species or they are. If you hold a sweet drink near them, there's no doubt, they are the apex predator!


The white building contains a glass panel with a view onto markings on the rock below. They believe this is a footprint of Buddha, that seems unlikely, its neither foot shaped nor foot sized nor old enough. It doesn't stop people donating money for their future good fortune, near it.


This is a good stop-over if you're heading up to Isaan from Bangkok via Saraburi, it's a short detour and with the road being so busy, I think I might have even made up time by accidentally taking the wrong turning.

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