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Yolo Restaurant, Khao Sok Park, Surat Thani


Tomorrow I'm heading to Thamma Park, there's a ceremony for the start of Pagoda #5. The ceremony begins early in the morning, so I'm going to stay overnight at a nearby hotel.

I opt for 'All Times Pool Villas', which are little villas built around a swimming pool. The owner lives next door in the big house, she initially built them for friends and family to visit, but opened them 18 months ago for hotel guests. There's no restaurant there, so I asked around to find a restaurant that's recommended nearby. The name 'Yolo' keeps popping up.... yes yolo as in 'you only live once' restaurant.

It's very inexpensive and the quality of food is superb. Pang spat out the Chocolate Fondant, but that fondant was far far better than you'll get in most European restaurants. The crisp outside was paper thin, and the inside goo was perfect and even, all the way through.

Their ribs are soft and plentiful, their chicken is my Laab Chicken, spicy and tangy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

On the desserts, try their Japanese melon bread. It's crispy (freeze dried?) sweetened bread on the outside with ice-cream on the inside. It's surprisingly good given how simple the ingredients.

The Burmese staff messed up my drink order, 'red wine' (wine dang) was confused with a 'fri-day' cocktail! It's a pity they don't actually do wine by the glass, you have to order a bottle. So I settled for the cocktail.

Overall, this restaurant is worth a special trip. The bill came to a ridiculous 1200 baht for 3 mains, 2 desserts and drinks, which is ridiculously cheap for this quality of food.

Behind this restaurant is "Belong Bar and Resort", which was a resort, with each room having pool access on their balcony, and a view out across Khao Sok national park.

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