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Singapore in a week


Singapore was on my bucket list, and since its a direct flight from Phuket, it's easy and cheap to get to. There aren't many things in Singapore that you can use the word 'cheap' with! Ouch, this was an expensive holiday.


The main tourists todo things, are Gardens by the Bay, a free to enter garden with artificial supertrees, illuminated trees that perform a light show and 7:45 and 8:45pm.

You can pay to go up onto a walkway around the trees, but the show is best viewed from the ground. There is also two glass dome covered gardens you can pay to get into, Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Since you're in Singapore, you may as well pay and see these once in your life. $28 SGD for the pair. The walkway around the Supertree's isn't worthwhile, and you have to queue up for a time-slot to go up.

The Singapore Flyer is a big wheel, that takes around 40 minutes to do a full loop. No food or drink is allowed on this, so its a view only, not a picnic opportunity. This gives a good view over the city, and is a must do.

Cable cars run up to Mount Faber and across to Sentosa island, these again are a must do. Mount Faber has an excellent bridge called "Henderson Waves" with views across the bay.

Sentosa Island is the tourist island, it has made made beaches, bungee, Warner Studios theme park, a waterpark, luge, aquarium,shops and restaurants. Warner Studios park is not very big and if you've been to many you can skip it, but Sentosa island is well worth the visit.

Use the monorail, or cable car to cross to the island.


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