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ASEAN: Ho Chi Min City Food


ASEAN is coming, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It's been around a long time, but more recently there is a drive to make it an Asian version of the European Union, with integrated trading, economy and free movement of people.

I decided to go visit some of our neighboring ASEAN countries to get a taste of their food. First off is Vietnam, Ho Chi Min city, aka Saigon is where I'm heading. The big food here is Pho , meat stocks used as the base for noodles, served with vegetables, meats and garnishes. Noodles are a familiar thing right across Asia, and there's nothing unique about these dishes, so I go searching for more exotic things.


Vietnamese fried spring rolls perhaps. Again a common dish of Vietnam, traditionally these spring rolls are served as wraps, not fried. The Chinese influence created this hybrid fried version. Served with a spicy dipping sauce, these are familiar fair in Thailand.

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ASEAN: Ho Chi Min City Food 2


So far Vietnam food has been, well, a bit of a let-down, its like a Thai food made a bit bland! Food makes a holiday, it's how we remember places, it's the fond memory we recall, and bland is not how I wanted to remember Vietnam!

Time to go explore the cheap housing areas! The place where people are packed into side streets is usually a good start if you want to find authentic food.

So I picked a place on the map full of side streets and headed out to see what it contained.


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ASEAN: Street Food Tour Ho Chi Minh


With ASEAN coming, and the barriers between South Asian countries is falling. With Thailand being a developed country in the center of it all, with a large hub airport. Time for a food tour!

This time, a Vietnam food tour in Ho Chi Minh with Back Of the Bike Tours. The format is simple, students with mopeds take you from place to place tasting little dishes from each place.

Some are easy, some more challenging, some are savory, some sweet. Plenty of variety and plenty to see along the way. My guide was Niew. She learned her English from watching English movies.

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