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ASEAN: Street Food Tour Ho Chi Minh


With ASEAN coming, and the barriers between South Asian countries is falling. With Thailand being a developed country in the center of it all, with a large hub airport. Time for a food tour!

This time, a Vietnam food tour in Ho Chi Minh with Back Of the Bike Tours. The format is simple, students with mopeds take you from place to place tasting little dishes from each place.

Some are easy, some more challenging, some are savory, some sweet. Plenty of variety and plenty to see along the way. My guide was Niew. She learned her English from watching English movies.


Lots of chatting, lots of food, a few drinks, and bit by bit you learn the basics, District 1 is business town, District 4 is mafia town, this place has lots of good street food, that place has none.

This is fun.

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